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Joint appointments in nursing – a necessity or a hindrance?

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Joint appointments in nursing – a necessity or a hindrance?



Cod: ISSN: 2066-6861 (print), ISSN: 2067-5941 (electronic)
Dimensiuni: pp. 40-52



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Sharabani, R. , Cojocaru, S. (2017). Joint appointments in nursing – a necessity or a hindrance? Social Research Reports, 9(1), 40-52.




The question of whether nursing teachers should combine teaching in the classroom with work in the clinical field1 is the focus of much discussion. There are arguments in favor and against the efficacy of combining teaching and working in the clinical field during the training period of future nurses. The main question is whether nursing teachers should ideally also work as staff nurses in the clinical field in addition to their teaching position, or whether they can restrict themselves to training future nurses once or twice a year as academic staff. The transition to academic teaching of nursing in colleges and universities has created a gap between the theory studied in the classroom and the reality practiced in the field. This paper presents a survey examining the attitudes of nursing teachers whose main job is at a nursing school and of nurses who combine teaching at a nursing school with work in the clinical field as staff nurses, on this issue. Participants in the survey also included a third group of students in an academics’ retraining track. The goal of the survey was to examine attitudes of those involved in nursing and in nursing education towards the issue of clinical reliability of nursing teachers and its preservation and enhancement. The conclusions represent the personal attitudes of the participants and can serve as a possible model for adoption by the nursing leadership on a national level.


nursing, learning process, education, support, credibility, clinical field.


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