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To be or not to be a nurse? Motives for choosing the nursing profession

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To be or not to be a nurse? Motives for choosing the nursing profession


Shifra MAOR, Stefan Cojocaru

Cod: ISSN: 2066-6861 (print), ISSN: 2067-5941 (electronic)
Dimensiuni: pp. 65-77



How to cite this article:

Maor, S., Cojocaru, S. (2017). To be or not to be a nurse? Motives for choosing the nursing profession. Social Research Reports, 9(1), 65-77.




The nursing profession is considered one of the central support pillars in the health system. It is recognized that the profession has developed greatly in recent years. Despite this, the number of people working in this profession is reducing. Choosing a profession is an important component of people’s selfidentity. It determines their attitudes and molds their life style. Many studies have dealt with the question of how and at what stage of life people make a decision choosing their profession and what their motives are. In Israel, about two thousand students are registered to study nursing, nonetheless little is known about motives that led them to choose nursing studies. Research aim is to identify what motivates nursing students to choose to study the nursing profession. The research is conducted as qualitative research. Personal in-depth interviews were conducted with the help of a semi-structured questionnaire. The research population comprised 20 students from various study programs at a school of nursing in central Israel. 5 key factors emerged as influencing motive of choice: family influence, choosing nursing studies as a second preference; employment security and range of employment opportunities emerged as the third category; altruistic motives emerged only as the fourth category and lastly, health experiences affecting the decision choosing to study the nursing profession. It is important that the training system recognize learners and their motives and use these to structure a good experience in the training environment, expose learners to the profession in a variety of circumstances and bring about a high level of student satisfaction during their training. This is likely to raise numbers of those employed in nursing at the end of their studies.


nursing, nurse education, motives for choosing a profession, nursing students, perceptions of nurses’ role.


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